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Basic Corporate Brokerage Account:

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About the Brokerage Firm
Trade Fees
Account Features
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Documentation Requirements
Nominee Signatory Services
Minimum Deposit Requirement
Miscellaneous Fees
Set Up Procedures

Set Up Fees:

A Basic Corporate Brokerage Account is included at no additional cost with the purchase of a corporation (or foundation) package. Otherwise, if purchasing the account by itself, the set up fee is US$500.


About the Brokerage Firm:

Basic corporate brokerage accounts are set up through our correspondent brokerage firm in Panama City, Republic of Panama. The brokerage firm is located in Panama and is an NASD registered, licensed and insured international firm. All securities and cash deposits are held in custody by one of the largest international securities clearing firms in the world. Each account is insured through the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) up to US$500,000 and carries additional insurance up to US$99.5 million through a major international insurance carrier.

The brokers/financial advisors are all English/Spanish speaking, NASD registered, licensed brokers who can provide you with complete investment advice for investing in mutual funds, stocks, bonds, options, money markets, etc. They mainly trade on the US and Canadian stock exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, Toronto, etc.), however they can buy or sell securities on most major exchanges around the globe.


Trade Fees:

Trade fees vary depending on the trade amount, type of security traded, and the stock exchange traded on. We cannot provide a fees list for trade fees since it varies so much from one market to another, however, we can say that trade fees are about the same as any full service broker. Full service brokers normally charge a small percentage (about 1%) of the trade instead of a standard fee. However, when purchasing no-load mutual funds, the fund company will generally cover the trade fee.


Account Features:

Each account includes an optional Visa Debit Card, USD checkbook, and Internet access.


Debit Card:

Annual fee for the Visa Debit Card is US$75. There are no transaction fees charged for ATM cash withdrawals. You must have a minimum balance of US$3,000 in order to qualify for a corporate debit card, however, once the card is issued, you do not need to maintain US$3,000 in the account during the use of the debit card.


USD Check Book:

The USD checkbook is used to make payments by check to anyone around the globe. The checks are internationally accepted by most banks around the globe. The checkbook will be provided once the initial minimum deposit of US$3000 is made.


Internet Access:

Internet access is provided so you can access your account information online using a secured password and userID.



Funds can only be held in USD. Any transfers received in other currencies will be immediately converted to USD prior to entering the account.


Documentation Requirements:

The following documentation is required:

A. Photocopy of Passport or valid Drivers License for each signatory. The photocopy of passport or drivers license should include the photo of the person, the personal details (name, date of birth, passport number, etc.), and the signature. The photocopy should be clear and legible.

B. One (1) Financial Reference Letter. The financial reference letter can be from any bank, brokerage firm, credit union, insurance company, trust company, or finance company. The letter should be on the financial institutions letterhead, and should include the signature of an official, and the contact information (address, telephone, fax, email, etc.). There is no specific format that the reference letter must be written in, however, we have provided an example below for your reference.

Example of Financial Reference Letter

* Documentation requirements are subject to change without notice.
** Brokerage firms other than our correspondent brokers may require other documentation.

C. Account Applications. You will need to sign all account applications where indicated and return them to us for processing.


Nominee Signatory Services:

For those clients that prefer to remain 100% anonymous without revealing their personal names to the brokerage firm, we offer nominee signatory services for additional confidentiality. In this case, we will provide one of our nominee directors as signatory for your corporate account. When you need to execute a transaction through your corporate account, you simply contact us with your request, and we will process it for you. We charge a US$1000 (or 1%, which ever is higher) annual administration fee for nominee signatory services.


Minimum Deposit Requirement:

The minimum account opening deposit is US$3000, which should be made by USD check, wire transfer, or ACAT / DTC securities transfer. After the account is set up, additional deposits may be made by USD check, securities transfers, or by wire transfer. The brokerage firm will forward you the check deposit, securities transfer, and wire transfer instructions once the account is set up.


Miscellaneous Fees *:

  • Account Opening Fee: Free w/ purchase of entity, otherwise US$500
  • Wire Transfer In: US$15
  • Wire Transfer Out: US$40 **
  • Internal Transfer (journal): No charge***
  • Margin Extensions: US$50 per event
  • Returned Checks: US$40 per event
  • Stop Payments: US$20 per event
  • Retail Confirmation Fee: US$7 per confirmation
  • Inactive Account Custody Fee: 1% per account per year
  • Inactive Account Mutual Funds Only: US$25
  • Checking annual fee: US$75
  • Debit Card annual fee: US$75
  • Copy of Paid Check or Visa draft: US$2.50
  • ATM Access: no charge if it is a withdrawal from checking
  • Check Book (200 checks): US$10
  • Foreign (non US) Check Deposit: US$25 ****

* Fees are subject to change without prior notice. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the above published fees.

** Third party wire transfers are not permitted. Wire transfers out are only permitted to accounts with the same name. For example, "John Smith" can only wire funds to another account with the beneficiary name "John Smith". For payments to third parties, you must use the checkbook or debit card. We recommend that if you need to make payments to third parties by wire transfer, you should set up a bank account instead of (or along with) a brokerage account.

*** Internal transfers (journals) to accounts within the same institution are permitted.

**** Acceptable deposits are USD Checks (personal or bank certified checks), wire transfers, or publicly traded securities. Unacceptable deposits are cash, money orders, travelers checks, double endorsed checks, foreign items/thrift withdrawal orders, returned checks, and checks referring to more than one account number.


Set Up Procedures:

A. Submit an Online Application - Click on "Order Now", and complete an online application, then hit "submit".

B. Submit Payment - Payment can be made by Bank Wire Transfer, Western Union Money Transfer, E-Gold, USD Check, or USD International Money Order.

C. Receive Documents - Once we receive payment for the structure, we will forward you the brokerage account applications for your signature. You should sign the account applications where indicated, and forward them back to us along with the required documentation and initial deposit check.

D. Account is Set Up - When we receive the signed applications, the account applications will be forwarded to the brokerage firm. The account number will generally be provided within 5 business days from the date the documents are submitted to the brokerage firm.

E. Begin Using Account - You will receive the complete account protocol for making deposits, executing trades, contact information of the brokerage firm, etc.


Tel (Panama): ++ (507) 227-6645
Fax (Panama): ++(507) 227 7485
Toll Free Voicemail / Fax (USA): 1-800-716-3452

Note: If calling to Panama from the US or Canada, you must dial "011" prior to the country code (507).

Encrypted Email:

P-WOS, Inc.
PTY 296, PO Box 0832 - 2745, WTC
Panama City, Republic of Panama


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