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What is it?

The managed trading account is a segregated account in your corporation's name, traded by a first class offshore Swiss trading firm, with over 40 years experience specializing in trading forex (foreign currency trading), bonds, index futures, and commodities futures.

What are the returns on investment?

There are no guarantees in this type of trading, past results are not a guarantee of future performance, and investors may incur losses. Our correspondent Swiss trading firm has performed an average annual return of approximately 100% over the last 10 years with 1998 being the only losing year due to the Russian Ruble crisis. In 2004, their returns were over 200%. Actual client account statements may be provided upon request. Please note that the trading strategy is to have positive gains every month, however, on average, they have positive gains for only 8 out of 12 months in the year. There are generally between 3 to 4 months during the year that they have losses ranging from 5% to 20% or more. Therefore, investors must understand the nature of this type of trading and be comfortable with the volatility.

Who does the trading?

Our correspondent Swiss trading firm is a private trading firm with offices in Switzerland and Panama, operated by first class trading professionals with over 40 years trading experience. The Swiss trading firm does not solicit new clients publicly (through websites, ads, etc.), rather all of their business is through referrals from existing clients and other professional relationships. They manage international (offshore) hedge funds and high net worth private clients only (most of their clients are European).

What are the fees?

Our correspondent Swiss trading firms’ business philosophy and success revolves around ensuring results for their clients. Unlike traditional investment firms or brokers that charge a per trade commission regardless of whether or not it is a winning trade for the client, they do not charge "trading fees", rather they share in the trading profits of their clients every month. The trading firm only gets paid if their clients are getting paid. The trading firm shares in 25% of new monthly profits. If the trading firm doubles your account within a 12 month period, then they share in 50% of new monthly profits until the end of the 12th month. If there are any trading losses in any given month, the trading firm must make up for those monthly losses before they can share in any future monthly profits.

Where is the account setup?

The accounts are setup at one of the worlds largest clearing agents (brokerage firm), with a presence in 14 countries worldwide. All accounts are segregated accounts, in your corporations name, and traded by the Swiss trading firm through a limited trading authorization.

What’s the minimum account balance?

The minimum account that the Swiss trading firm will accept for trading is $250,000. Their average client's account is $1 million. All clients are pre-screened and "qualified" by the Swiss trading firm prior to acceptance.

Are there any restrictions to withdraw my funds?

There are no restrictions and no penalties to withdraw your funds from your trading account. You can withdraw your funds at any time for any reason, however, please note that if the trading firm is in the middle of a trade, it may take a few days for the trade to clear before you can withdraw the funds in the account. All withdrawals must be by wire transfer from your corporate investment account to your corporate bank account.

What are the procedures to get started?

1. We assist you to setup a corporation in Panama.

2. We assist you to setup a corporate bank account (at any one of our recommended banks).

3. You wire funds to your corporate bank account.

4. We assist you to setup a corporate investment account.

5. A limited trading authorization is provided to the Swiss trading firm, allowing them to trade the account and deduct for profit sharing each month.

6. You wire funds from your corporate bank account to your corporate brokerage account.

7. The Swiss trading firm connects their trading account to your corporate trading account, and begins trading through their trading system.

8. As the Swiss trading firm executes trades in their trading account, the trades are simultaneously executed in your corporate trading account.

9. You receive statements on a daily and monthly basis via email from the brokerage firm, showing the trades executed and your account balance.

10. The Swiss trading firm shares in 25% of new profits on a monthly basis from your corporate trading account.

11. If the Swiss trading firm doubles the account within a 12 monthperiod, they begin sharing in 50% of new profits until the end of the 12th month of trading activity.

12. After the 12th month of trading activity, the Swiss trading firm’s profit sharing percentage goes back to the 25% rate, therefore, it is in their best interests to double your account within a short time period (less than 12 months).


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